Three Monuments

For this project, I:  Created a bilingual, visually interesting, and responsive microsite to promote three new national monuments in the California desert.  

California Wilderness Coalition

For this project, I:  Created a clean, visually interesting, and responsive website.  Set up CalWild on a new CRM (member database) system that manages members, events, fundraising and advocacy.  Designed new email alert and newsletter templates within CRM.  

Campaign for the California Desert

For this project, I:  Updated the site design and expanded site functionality.  Created two websites within one. This allowed users to choose between two paths (one specific to a federal effort and one specific to state legislation), each having it’s own site menu and content.  Set up the CA Desert team with a better petition service.  Continued to update the site … Read More

Central Coast Wild Heritage

Due to my work with PEW on the Keep Nevada Wild campaign, the team behind Central Coast Wild Heritage (CCWH) asked me if I could redesign their website on a fairly tight turnaround. For this project, I:  Consolidated dozens of pages into a clean, visually interesting, responsive design that the CCWH team was thrilled with.  Set up the CCWH team on an email … Read More